It is not necessary to set a nickname for the chat if we set a name for the participant (userinfo.displayName)?


I have noticed that setting a name for participant will avoid setting a nickname for chat (See the image below). Am I right?


How can I always (not by setting a name for participant) hide the pop-up window above and go directly to the chat interface when I click on the chat button?


If you don’t need nicknames you can disable that setting on config.js

Could you give me this setting? thanks.


If you don’t provide a name for the participant, how do you know who is chatting? You don’t have to require a display name for participants to join a meeting, but if you then want to use the chat feature, each ‘chatter’ will need to be distinguished, so they’ll need to provide a nickname.

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Thank you. I give all participants a name before they enter the conference room. That way I don’t have to enter a nickname for the chat.