It crashed

Our small group of ham radio operators uses a link to a meeting we set up months ago. We have quarterly meetings where a dozen or so of us show up. I am secretary. During a very long meeting, about 2 hours or more, my computer crashed with a strange blue screen, not a Windows 10 blue screen. I had to reboot, and then it worked fine.

A few weeks later I was using GoToMeeting and the same thing happened, crashing with the same odd blue-screen during a 2+ hour meeting. I may have set that meeting to last 2 hours (normally they last 45 minutes.)

I was using Firefox both times, updated often. I am not complaining, just offering this experience.

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Sounds like there is something going on with your computer. I’m not even sure this is a Firefox problem as no one else has ever reported it. Seems localized to your machine.