Issues with with large number of participants

I have been using the free version of for over 7 months. It works great.

But, every week we have a catchup meet with around 25 to 35 participants and all the participants have frequently started experiencing issues like

  • Difficulties in joining the meet
  • Videos freezing and lagging for everyone
  • The entire UI and audio freezing
  • Camera and mic permission issues

This is creating a lot of problems for our community call and adds friction while onboarding new members. Existing members are facing these issues as well.

We really appreciate Jitsi being open source and providing a free feature-rich platform, but due to these issues, we are considering switching to other meet platforms like Google Meet or Zoom.

Can you please look into the matter and let us know if there is anything we can do?

Thank you.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

What kind of difficulties?

This sounds like network issues. Everyone in the meeting experience it or just some of the participants? In what region are you in?

We havn’t seen this, what browser and version is this?

What kind of issues?

It takes multiple tries to get into the meet. Participants get stuck on the joining screen.

I don’t think it is a network issue.
Everyone in the meeting experiences it simultaneously and sometimes it happens only for specific people.
Almost all participants are from India.

Everyone is using different browsers. Mostly the latest stable versions of Chrome, Firefox and MS Edge.

The site sometimes doesn’t show permission prompts and participants are left wondering why their mic and camera are not working, which leads to a cycle of leaving and re-joining the meet to no avail.

We will check the backend and maybe we can provision more servers there if we see some problems …

Thank you, I will let you know if I see any improvement.

So we used Zulip for our community meet again and there were no significant improvements with around 30 people in the meet.

In addition to the grievances listed above, this time videos were also turning off due to ‘inacitivity’ for everyone and we were not able to get them on. (Picture below.)

The picture below has 25 people, but we did have around 33 people in the meet. Note the inactive connections. (White circular things in the top left corner of the video streams. Their cameras are on, but the video is not visible.)

We really want to use Jitsi, but all these problems are creating issues while onboarding new members and are a hindrance for current members as well.

Were you able to get any browser js console logs from the affected users? Those would be very helpful in trying to figure out what the issue is.

I didn’t know that Jitsi logs things to the console.
Could you please let me know what you exactly need?

Browser console logs…

Here are the browser logs you requested, please let us know if you have any suggestions.

cameraNotStarting.txt (12.9 KB)
cannotSeeVideoStreams.log (56 KB)
console-export-2021-6-6_2-57-13.txt (203.7 KB)
jitsiConsole.txt (829.5 KB) (29.9 KB) (345.4 KB)
Jitsi Performance log

Any updates?

Any updates on this issue?

Also interested in

Also interested in