Issues with screensharing on Sat 27 Nov 2021

I tried to share my screen multiple times during an event on Saturday on Firefox in Debian Buster (firefox-esr 78.15.0esr-1~deb10u1).

In general, it worked the first time.

But when I tried to share again (5-20 minutes later), other participants reported not being able to see the screen share. I tried twice, then I reset the connect (URL bar: hit enter to reload the page). Then everyone was able to see it.

One time, most participants reported being able to see my screen, but one user said they could not see it. I reset the connection again and everything worked again.

I believe toward the end I did not need to reset my connection before each screenshare. But at the beginning, it happened repeatedly every time.

One other participant using Ubuntu did not have any problems sharing his screen.

Do you know what browser they were using?