Issues with disableInviteFunctions with API


I’m using the Javascript API to call my own instance of jitsi meet. So far everything is working fine.

I’m trying to disable all options to invite more people: I’m trying to remove the button bottom right: image

When calling API I have:

configOverwrite: {
		disableInviteFunctions: true,

According to the comments in code:

// Disables all invite functions from the app (share, invite, dial out...etc)
// disableInviteFunctions: true,

I can see in the log that the parameter is passed:
Extending config with: {"disableInviteFunctions":true,"startWithAudioMuted":false,"startWithVideoMuted":false}

But it doesn’t seam to work, I still get this button.
Am I doing something wrong? Or is this supposed to work?

Thanks for your help.