Issues with deploy behind Nginx reverse proxy

Hello, I have a Jitsi deployment in a private server(JVB, Jicofo, Prosody, Web, all running at the same server), then using a Reverse Proxy whit Nginx I can access from Internet to the web.
I can create a room and join 2 users(one from my Chrome web browser and a second from my JitsiMeet app on mobile) and works. However if any other user is joined the room is crashed (the video is lost, also de audio). If the user is coming from Firefox never works.

  • I have iptables rules to forward traffic from 10000 port in the reverse proxy server to the private IP of the internal server with Jitsi
  • I have a virtualhost in the reverse proxy server with a proxypass to the internal server with the private IP

My errors are:

  • In web browser console:
    Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at wss://
  • In JVB log file:
    JVB 2021-07-22 15:21:44.708 INFO: [51] [confId=a1fdaa7c75227122 gid=26023 stats_id=Harold-cZm componentId=1 ufrag=a5g101fb7ctn39 name=stream-5cfe10e9 epId=5cfe10e9 local_ufrag=a5g101fb7ctn39] Component.updateRemoteCandidates#481: new Pair added: -> (stream-5cfe10e9.RTP).

Please help!!! How can I solved this?

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if your proxy has a public IP address (leaving out vital information about your setup is not a good strategy for getting answers on a forum), in this case your setup is a NAT concerning the UDP connection to JVB and you should follow the manual advanced configuration

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