Issues trying to install mobile JITSI-Meet on Ubuntu Linux Android Studio

For several weeks now, I’ve been trying to just run JITSI-Meet on Android Studio in a Ubuntu Linux Virtual Machine, because building libraries on Windows operating system is not supported.

I just met some errors: first i met some duplicate classes after adding dependencies on my build.gradle project app folder, then some missing symbols on values.xml, an XML file generated by Android Studio.

I followed the developement mobile guide i found through the Github JitsiMeet source code site (, but after i followed all the steps for building and testing the project and installed all React Native dependencies, i met the errors mentioned above.

Did i miss some primary configurations which are not mentioned anywhere? Or do i need to follow another guide to run the project on Android Studio?

I’m attaching the last error i found trying to run the project:

Thanks in advance to all, hope someone can help me.