Issues found in A/V moderation

Moderator voice cannot be heared by other participants when received moderator privilege after starting A/V moderation.

Detailed steps:-

  1. User A (moderator) create and joins the conference.
  2. User B joins the conference.
  3. User A start A/V moderation.
  4. User A grant moderator role to User B.
  5. Now user B unmute and speaks, User A cannot hear user B.
  6. Also when User B raise hand, he get approval request for him self, which is unnecessary.

What components of jitsi had make changes related to A/V moderation. I can see av_moderation plugin in prosody. Is there any changes in Jicofo?

Yep, the code is in jitsi-meet UI and prosody module, ljm and jicofo.

We have improvements we have done in master and more is coming.

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Okay that’s great.