Issue with video feed when more than 2 users when using the Jitsi API

We are using the jitsi API for connecting for multiple users.
We have standard jitsi meet installed on our servers so we can determine if the issue is with our backend or our front end.
We have stumbled on an issue that is causing us problems and the issue is not there on the standard jitsi meet on our server so the issue is with the way we have implemented the front end
When there are 2 users, the video is showing up, but more than 2 , we lose video feed

I have attached here the jicofo log, which you can see for participant 2 shows in 3 Add SRC notifies
and for Participant 3, there is removal of sources and addition of sources multiple times

When I tested with same JWT token on the standard jitsi meet on our server, for each additional participant , I see just 2 add SSRC, one audio and one video, which is the expected behavior.

The Jitsi documentation states the flow should be the following
var connection = new JitsiMeetJS.JitsiConnection(null, null, options);

room = connection.initJitsiConference(“conference1”, confOptions);
room.on(, onRemoteTrack);
room.on(, onConferenceJoined);

Now the only difference with our implementation is we have called the createLocalTracks after the

Would this be causing the issue or something else?
We are looking to rewrite this, but the way we have embedded it with jitsi components, will take over a day to rewrite, so thought I would check if this would be the problem or if not, what else the issue could be with the way we have implemented the jitsi meet api?

I have added the jicofo logs here of what we see with our custom GUI

The code flow of what we are doing here (including the option variables we are passing through) is here

Thanks in Advance

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

No need to reply
We’ve resolved it :slight_smile: