Issue with JWT token configuration


I’ve been struggling to configure jitsi to work with jwt tokens for the last few days. The environment details are:

  • Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS
  • Prosody version (installed as part of the jwt patch):prosody-trunk_1nightly747-1~xenial_amd64.deb

I’ve followed the quick install guide and everything was working fine. The problems started after installing the jwt token authentication plugin.

The token is being recognised (can see it in the logs) but there is no voice, video or chat. looking in the Prosody logs these set of lines are repeated several times:

Any ideas on what may be causing this?

Many thanks in advance.

I managed to get JWT working with Prosody 11, Ubuntu 18.04. I outlined my install process here:

Thanks Laurence. I’ll have a look.

Same problem. @laurence can you refresh your pastebin please? Thanks