Issue with Jitsi video being cropped at top and bottom with black bars

We have reports of users who haven’t had issues before suddenly having black bars cropping out some of their camera feed in the Jitsi session both top and bottom similar to an HD movie dimensions.

When going into settings, the full camera feed is showing without the cropping.

Anyone have ideas on how to resolve this issue?

Users are connecting to using Chrome

Thanks for any help you can provide

It’s possible Chrome itself changes the resolution, based for instance in high CPU usage. Was this the case?

@saghul I don’t believe this is the issue, but how would we troubleshoot to confirm?

It’s actually cropping part of the video off top and bottom when this happens.

You can check it by opening chrome://webrtc-internals in a tab before you join the conference. After joining, you’ll see 2 peer connections there: 1 for the p2p connection and one for the bridge connection. Find the active one by checking there is media flowing (bytes move) in the send SSRCs.

If you expand the video SSRC you’ll see something like image below:


The highlighted properties indicate if the resolution was cropped due to bandwidth or CPU limitations.

I can repro this on using Chrome Canary 77.0.3850.0. It’s solely a display issue (if you click around and/or go to tile view it disappears). Others are not able to reproduce on Canary.

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I have tried testing with some users in the latest version of Chrome, not Canary and they can’t seem to find a way to resolve this by clicking around or changing between tile view.

So are we thinking this is an issue that will be resolved with updates to Chrome and it’s Chrome related not Jitsi?

Thanks for your help @Boris_Grozev in troubleshooting and reproducing. I wasn’t able to reproduce it on my end.