Issue With Iframe Integration with jwt token

connection.passwordRequired issue with Iframe Integration with Jaas

It says invalid signature.

But I have given public key and private key as well how to fix this signature issue

The best place to test your tokens is Try to verify the token there using the private key you signed and the public key you uploaded to jaas console.

Can we take screenshots of ongoing video call if we have jwt token and can we enable the lobby by default which was there inside security options?

About the lobby, this is jaas specific, there is an endpoint you can implement and configure in jaas console to control whether lobby is on for rooms.

Can you please elaborate on specifying the endpoint?

  • SETTINGS_PROVISIONING: allow customers the option to define pre-meeting password and lobby settings
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Thank you so much @damencho for your help and immediately response

Hello @damencho Actually while integration with jwt token how can we find that if the token was expired and jitsi is providing the token from our own database also should be only 2hrs not more then that(is that true?) then how can we find from jitsi side so that we receive an new token

Token is provided by you not by jitsi.
Jisti just checks if token is valid and not expired.