Issue with icon and name when closing the Jitsi Electron App


Hi Jitsi team ! :slight_smile:
First, I would like to tell you that Jitsi Meet is really a good tool ! We like it a lot ! Thanks for your hardwork!
We succeed to build our Desktop application for Jitsi (Windows App), but we have a little problem :

  • we have the good “name” and “icon” on the installer on Windows
  • we can install it and all is OK (we same have just after the “icon shortcut” for the application, with proper logo and name of our application.
    But when we just “close” the application, our shortcut dissapear and another shortcut “icon” appear on our Desktop, everytime, with the “Jitsi Meet” name and icon also. We don’t know why (surely there is something to change on the configuration of the app sources)
  • Also, when we search on the “programs settings” windows to find the application in order (by example) to uninstall it, we only find the “Jitsi Meet 1.1.0” on the applications (and not our application name and logo)

Could you help us to know where we have to change the code to have logo and name OK when we close the application, and to have also the good name and logo on the “program settings” of windows, to find it and uninstall it?

Many thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Best regards


Just to say : I downloaded the very last electron package (master) and seems like that issue is resolved now :slight_smile:
So I just have one question for you now : I would like to add a “button” on the “welcome page” (where we enter the room name) to open in a new window (target blank) a URL (web link).
Could you help us for the code to insert in the app to do that ? (where, and the code we have to add)

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: