Issue with colibri conference REST API

I am running docker-jitsi-meet and have enabled JVB_ENABLE_APIS=rest,colibri.
I am able to create conference by POST /colibri/conferences with {} data. But when I try GET /colibri/conferences it returns created conferences for few seconds only, after some time it returns empty data. Same with GET /colibri/conferences{id} API it will return Error 404 Not Found after few minutes.

According to this doc
If I POST /colibri/conferences with

	"contents" : 
			 "name" : "audio", 
			 "channels" : [ { "expire" : 60 } ] 
			"name" : "video", 
			"channels" : [ { "expire" : 60 } ] 

it returns Error 400 Failed to create conference: Channel creation requested without endpoint ID.

Need help with GET and POST /colibri/conferences API


Well, documentation is very poor and i faced the same issue… with some trial an error this worked for me.

curl -X POST -d ‘{“contents”:[{“name”:“audio”,“channels”:[{“endpoint”: “xxxx”, “channel-bundle-id”: “xxxx”, “expire”:60}]},{“endpoint”: “xxxx”,“channel-bundle-id”: “xxxx”, “name”:“video”,“channels”:[{“endpoint”: “xxxx”,“channel-bundle-id”: “xxxx”, “expire”:60}]}]}’ -H “Content-Type: application/json”

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@Prasun_Bheri I tried curl -X GET -v and it return empty []. Same with curl{id} -X GET -v.

JVB logs

May 04, 2020 7:10:28 PM org.jitsi.utils.logging2.LoggerImpl log
INFO: create_conf, id=d5586093b39de6aa gid=null logging=false

about/health and /colibri/stats API’s are working fine.

Please help

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@damencho Do you think we have some updated documentation for this?

Hi. What i should send in endpoint and channel-bundle-id?

Someone who can shed some knowlege on these questions … stuck with the same problems now !