Issue with Chromebooks and Video

I have been getting many complaints about video (specifically camera) issues with Chromebooks (all brands). When screen sharing the video is fine (and I can see the user in the thumbnail), when accessing the camera for straight video I get lines throughout the monitor.

Has anyone seen this? This started happening a week ago.

Do you reproduce the same with that device on Do you see the same on

No, we haven’t tested it outside our environment. But it is happening to a lot of people using Chromebooks

Yeah, try it out one and, this will give more information whether it is a bug with jitsi-meet, or some Chromebook update … or some browser problem … there are many moving peaces to be able to pin point it from a screenshot.
Also, are you using VP9 by any chance?

We are running VP8. Unfortunately we do not have a Chrome book to test this

This reminders me of this issues:

Hey Corby,
If it’s a Chromebook, there isn’t much you can do with screen rotating.

For what it’s worth, I just tested on using a Chromebook running Chrome OS 84.0.4147.136 and it worked perfectly.

Thanks Corby

What were the results from @damencho suggestion?

I don’t have a Chromebook to test this and it is intermittent. Some Chomebooks work fine, others are showing the screen like the photo I posted