Issue with audio: computer sound is not shared any more whilst mic is muted

Hi there,

within the last months, I frequently used the possibility to share my computer screen including the computer sound whilst muting my microphone.

Thus, I was able to share the sound from Tab XXX so that everyone was able to listen to the music AND to mute my microphone, so that no one was able to hear my voice.

The steps in detail:

  1. Mute my microphone
  2. Share Screen
  3. Tick “Release Audio”
  4. Share Tab XXX
  5. Play music via tab XXX

Since about 2 weeks, this is not possible any more.

Before, I had no issues for several months and used this feature weekly.
As Browser I used Microsoft Edge.
When using Google Chrome, I was not always able to mute my voice in parallel whilst sharing the computer audio.

Any ideas, how to share my computer sound from a tab (screen is not that important) AND mute my micrpohone?
Grateful for all ideas.

Already tried to adjust all availalble audio settings from PC and using different Browsers (Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome).

When sharing youtube Videos it works as required, but youtube does not cover what we need.

Thanks a lot

The same is happening here!

Any tip?

Hi @damencho
Can you help here???

I have the same problem. No audio at all.