Issue with audio balance levels (left vs right) & audio interface


I have an issue with a USB Audio interface (a small classic Focusrite) as microphone.
The sound is mainly received on the Left side only, I almost cannot ear the right side (but still I can ear it so it does not seems to be a stereo issue).
It’s works fine with a classic microphone & it does not come from the Audio interface since it works fine with google meet & others.
I noticed that when I listen to the local stream locally (just a quick hack to listen the local stream) & before to join the conf it’s ok, then when I join the conf with someone (or someone joins, p2p or not) the track seems modified & I mainly only ear the left side.
I know it’s not related to jitsi-lib, I tried the up-to-date version of jitsi-meet locally with a locally served version of my jitsi-meet-lib, I don’t reproduce the issue.
Could it be a sampleRate/Opus related issue in/with the JVB? Or Did you make a fix in the last version if jitsi-meet? I don’t see something related in the changelog.
I use the previous last release, jitsi-meet_6173, but I made few modifications in jitsi-meet, I could have make a mistake in the merge but I don’t see what at all, no audio context used or whatsoever that could affect the stream/track, no new gum, no apply constraints. Or could it be related to the default device selected? But I already tried to set it as default, same issue). I did not noticed anything anormal in webRTC-internal neither. I’m using unifed-plan & vp8.

Thank you, I would really appreciate if you have any thoughts about this.