Issue using with automatic nicknames and password-less meeting

Hi! I have had some issues using the the last week and i wanted to check if what happened is something expected or a posible bug (I found a workaround btw).


  • meeting has to be password-less
  • everyone has to have the web browser cache clean before entering to the meeting (to avoid having a personalized nickname).


  • Create a random meeting in
  • Start hosting (NOTE: you must NOT change your automatic nickname and your cache must be clean. Your nickname will be “Fellow jister”)
  • Invite more than 3 people (NOTE: all of them should have a clean cache in their browser yo ensure they DONT have an already personalized name)
  • They will enter with “Fellow jister” name but most of the times one of them will enter into an “empty” meeting.
  • Ask the people that entered to your meeting to change their names from “Fellow jister” to another.
  • Once they do that, the person in de “empty meeting” will drop into the right meeting

This happened to me 4 times in the last week.
Thank you for your time!