Issue using contacts & ldap



We are using jitsi 2.10.5550 running on Win10 and some Win7. We have an Asterisk Server as our PBX system.

We have LDAP integration. It works just fine except for the following issue.

The contacts in the LDAP contain both the internal company extension and the mobile phone numbers of the employees.

The problem is that Jitsi looks for partial number matching in the contact list, and when we make a call to an internal extension (for example 4410 ) if it finds a contact with a mobile number that contains a partial match (for example a mobile phone 678 4410 99) it will display the name of the contact with the partial match, instead of the name of the internal user with the real match. It happens both for incoming and outgoing calls, what makes it a problem since you don’t know who’s really calling you.

Any one solved this issue?

Is there a way to change the priority to show contact with extension numbers match instead of the contact with a partial match on the mobile number?

Would much appreciate any help.

Thanks and regards