Issue of buffering while streaming on YouTube

Hello all

We usually use Jitsi meet as the video conference tool and live stream it to YouTube. Normally, on Jitsi meet we have around 10 participants and on YouTube around 100 participants. This has been the practice for 12 webinars and we faced no problem. In the last webinar we noticed that there was lot of buffering and some data was not getting transmitted. While the total length of the webinar is 2 hours and 20 minutes, YouTube version was 1 hour 20 minutes. We lost material for 1 hour.

Can anybody guide us on what could be the problem and how to resolve it. This will help us in holding the next webinar confidently.

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How is your system?
How many machines…?
What are their resources…?

We use a Windows 10 based Laptop with i5 processor for setting Jitsi meet and streaming software. The server is the default server of Jitsi meet - probably a 8x8 server.
Communication channel is 100-200 MBPS.

I hope I understood your questions and clarified sufficiently. otherwise feel free to raise additional queries.


You mention “streaming software” on the laptop — are you streaming to YouTube locally from your laptop, or are you using the live streaming feature launched within the Jitsi Meet interface (i.e. Jibri)?

We are live streaming within the Jitsi Meet interface i.e using Jibri. Laptop is only used to enter the livestream key.


If the issue only affected the YouTube stream and things were fine for the participants in the conference, then it’s an issue between Jibri and YouTube. If this is on some provider-hosted Jitsi Meet instance (, 8x8, avstack etc) then you should ask the provider for support with this, as it’s their issue to investigate and resolve.

Provider for our Jitsi meet instance was Any details on how to contact them?