Issue in Jitsi-Meet API and Firefox

Hi Jitsi team,
I use Jitsi-Meet API to embed our jitsi-meet player in a web-mail interface and in a dedicated test page.
Since the last Jitsi-Meet stable release, this integration have issues with Firefox.
Audio and video streams no longer start at player initialization.
It seems to be link with the use of isUserInteractionRequiredForUnmute function for Firefox at conference init.
Could someone told me why this user interaction check have been added for Firefox ?

Best Regards,

I believe that is added cause Firefox requires user interaction when unmuting, you cannot do it programmatically in an non-user action handling call.

This was introduced here.

Thanks for your response Damencho,

I made some test with old Jitsi-Meet version and current Firefox stable (69) and Firefox nightly (71) version and api command to toogle audio and video are working well without any user interactions.

Whith thisexplicit user interaction check at conference init stage, getusermedia isn’t called.
So the browser UI to set microphone an video permission is not displayed.
It’s bad for embeded jitsi player to not be able to start with media user permission request on Firefox.


@Lenny8 do you remember why we added this?

Something about preventing malicious sites from embedding jitsi in an iframe, thereby causing someone to join a meeting without permission or possibly notice.

Is there any solution to bypass this problems and force Firefox to ask for rights ?

@Alfred The solution is to use Firefox 68 and above, where this problem was fixed.