[ISSUE]: Etherpad and breakout rooms

Does anybody have problems between Etherpad and the breakout rooms feature?

We are experiencing that when a participant enters a breakout room and launches Etherpad, he will get a blank screen and is even not able to close it. It seems, that the menu item is not working anymore. This failure also exists after leaving the breakout room. For all the other participants (outside the breakout room) Etherpad works fine.
Even if a participant only enters and leaves a breakout room (without starting Etherpad) it will not work anymore.
It seems, that entering a breakout room will break Etherpad functionality in general.

We are using the latest version of Etherpad and the latest version of Jitsi Meet.
If anybody else experienced this issue it would be useful to know.


Thanks for the report, can you please open an issue on GH?

Thx for the prompt feedback. Done.

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