Issue : camera turning off when someone connects

This is a relative new issue. My self hosted Jitsi worked fine until a couple of weeks ago.
Suddenly when someone enters his / her camera is turned off. And the other side is also not seeing me. As if my camera is turned off.

What is happening? And how can I solve this?

Which versions are you using, probably you need to upgrade as Chrome dropped plan-b.
What are the errors in the js console?

These are the versions

meet : 2.0.5963-1
Prosody : 1.0.5056-1
Meet-turnserver : 1.0.5675-1
Meet-web : 1.0.5056-1
Meet-web-config 1.0.5056-1
Videobridge2 2.1.508-gb24f756c-1

That is pretty old, you need to use one of the last few stable releases.