Issue: Any screen sharing with >=3 members causes connection issue in latest JVB


Hi Guys,

I’ve noticed a bug with the latest deployed jvb on “Any screen sharing with >=3 members causes connection issue in latest JVB”.

More details are here, but I guess this is the primary reporting ground for issues.

I’ve isolated the issue to the jvb - by replacing the jvb on our installation with a recently released jvb we can replicate the same screensharing connectivity issues that are experienced with 3 people on So we’re on an old release 1095 now, which does not have this issue.

My users started reporting these problems around January when we were using, and the problems still persist today.



Oh I just tried to replicate it, found out it kind of works again, and did some investigating, looks like another Issue report also brought this to attention, and now the changes have been merged into the latest. has the details. I’ll close my original issue, as it’s essentially a duplicate of the simulcast screensharing issue for now.



Why is this flagged as spam? If anyone tries to search for any possible details on this they will not find any!

Additionally, the issue persists in the latest release of JVB for screensharing between clients of different countries.