ISO renting Videobridge (e.g. pay by bandwidth and hours)

Hi! I was wondering whether anyone here offered billed-by-hour rental access to Videobridges? I make music with people using Soundjack, Sonobus, and Jamulus and was looking for a low-latency video solution that could scale to 20-100 people. I would be interested if there were a service where I could do the following:

  1. Add funds to a declining balance (or submit credit card information for monthly billing).
  2. Select the desired AWS site (e.g. Ashburn, VA).
  3. Input the amount of use (example: up to 80 low-res users sending width: 90 pixels, height: 120 pixels, 30 fps @ no more than 100 kbit/s, + 1 higher-res conductor sending width: 320 pixels, height: 240 pixels, 30 fps @ no more than 300 kbit/s, force low-res users to decrease outbound bandwidth (&, if needed, resolution) to keep combined bandwidth under, say, 5 Mbit/s)
  4. Input requested session duration (number of hours)
  5. Desired meeting name and password (webpage can respond, if needed, by saying something like “sorry, that room name is not available; please try something else.”)
  6. Press START button
  7. A message appears saying something like, “Your booking for [parameters] can be reached at [URL]. Please press the SHUTDOWN button below if your session concludes early.”

I am still interested in learning to set up a Videobridge on an AWS Instance on my own, but I would also like to be able to point other people interested in making music with low-latency technology to a website where it’s convenient to just rent access to a Videobridge.

Thank you,
David Liao

Welcome to the forum, David.

You should check out JaaS, I think it meets all your requirements and more. Plus it’s managed by the wonderful minds behind Jitsi.

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JaaS is probably your best bet for your stated requirements, though there are a few other options.

We have an AWS CloudFormation template in the AWS Marketplace that gives you a scalable Jitsi deployment which you could use in an on-demand way and just turn off when not in use that would give you “hourly billing”. Or it might help with learning more about how to architect your own deployment.

I’ve also run across a musician-specific platform called RockOutLoud - it’s Jitsi based with some optimizations for lower latency. Originally built with music teachers in mind, but may be a fit for your use case. I have no affiliation and no direct experience, and am not including a link so hopefully this won’t get marked as spam.

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IMO if you want several persons playing on the Internet mixing the sound on the server is to be preferred. That is, keep using Jamulus. Jitsi-meet is best for … meetings, where people are talking.

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Oh yes, I was planning to keep using Soundjack, Sonobus, and/or Jamulus for the audio portion. Thanks!

I’ve PMed you a link to a product that may be useful — apologies to the flaggers for posting a link here, thought that links to relevant services were allowed when they were asked for.

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