Is TLS 1.2+ a problem for an external JVB?

Hi everybody,
I’m trying to make my jitsi-meet installation more secure by using TLS 1.2 or more.
I have one jitsi-meet server ( with prosody jicofo and jvb installed in it, and a jvb server stand-alone (
I have reconfigured my server Nginx to use only TLS 1.2 and 1.3.
I’ve also upgraded the jvb installed on, but for the moment I doesn’t want to upgrade the jitsi-meet server (last updgrade one month ago).
The problem is that after the Nginx reconfiguration my second JVB ( isn’t working anymore, even if it doesn’t report any errors on ivb.log. It reports “ Performed a successful health check in PT0.007S. Sticky failure: false”.
If I take a look inside my jicofo.log on I find that the jvb on connects to Jicofo server but It looses the connection with this error after the first trial of videoconference:
“failed to allocate channels, will consider the bridge faulty: Creator thread has failed to allocate channels: Timed out waiting for a response.”
The question is: this problem is caused by my new Nginx configuration (that uses only TLS1.2 ore more) or it is due to compatibility issues caused by different version of jvbs (the older in, with older version of jicofo and prosody, and the newer in
Thanks in advance.