Is this possible with jitsi self hosted (ldap access)

I was wondering if this is possible with the current jitsi

  • allow auth access via ldap users
  • ldap users can only create rooms/conferences
  • the ldap user can create a room and configure guest access
    guest access being defined as just anyone opening the room/conference link.
  • the ldap user can leave the room, and this room will not be destroyed.
  • guests can still access the room without the need of the ldap user being logged in.

and as an extra

  • the room can be configured having some expiration period.


Not quite. Guests would need to wait for an authenticated user before they can join.


Yes, as long as not everyone leaves the room.

We don’t have this out of the box, but I believe is attainable with a Prosody plugin.

But only if there are still guests or you have some timeout plugin in prosody, not?

I am looking for some elegant way to allow easy access to the meet server but not fully open it to everyone (which I did during the pandemic)

Currently what I could think of is

  • login / create the room
  • stay in the room, disable mic/cam
  • leave browser open, waiting for the meeting time
  • at meeting time enable mic/cam

What I do not not like about this;

  1. is that people that are joining early, see you are also already in the room available with disabled mic/cam, and they assume you see them joining.
    I think it would nicer for such a person, would have some privacy to maybe check some settings, see if everything is working ok before the meeting.
    If nobody else is in the room, they are more comfortable investigating a bit the features and options.
  2. I have to keep my browser open all the time

Or is there something else I could do?

Only if there are people inside. You could add a timeout plugin too, should you want to.

If you enable guests, then they’ll need to wait for a moderator to join, so you don’t need to join first, they’ll get a screen to wait for you.