Is this possible to get a list of every participants with a script?

Hey, I’d like to set up a bot to take the register for our online class. I’d like te get a list of every participants online with script, in order to avoid marking them manually.
Do you think that it’s possible ?

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You’d need to join first. Think of the privacy implications of that, if it was possible to do without joining.

Yes that’s not a problem as far as I’m connected for the class.

You can run this on your browser console, or use something like Puppeteer to run it: APP.conference._room.getParticipants().map(p => p.getDisplayName()); That will give you the display name of all participants in the conference.

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ok this works perfectly.
Is there anyway for to deal with the participant IP? We change name a lot so I’d to have a list of every different username used by each student in order to check if they are present.
Is this possible to get the IP of each participant or is it against your private policy ?
Also do you know where I can find a doc with all the commands like the one you shew me?

No, you don’t have access to the participant IP. If they set the email you can filter by that too. You can play around the console with the return value of getParticipants and then adjust the map to get what you’re most interested in.

That’s not a command, we are accessing the meeting internals :slight_smile:

Ok I found all the propeties of the participant object,

But I didn’t find the email participant, are you sure we can access it from the meeting internals?

I have exactly the same problem. Anyone got a suggestion?

Sorry, no, the email is indeed not available. You’ll have to use display names.

Ok I’ll use them then, thanks for your answer !