Is there the way to change the room name by clicking room name(subject)

we have a function to change room name like this api.executeCommand(‘subject’, ‘my room name’); how to change room name by clicking on it like click on nick name
thanks you

Sorry, there is no UI for changing the subject.

A workaround is to execute in js console APP.conference._room.setSubject('my new subject') :slight_smile:

If you really need to change the subject from the UI and don’t mind a hacky (!!) workaround, you could load everything in an IFrame using the IFrame API and control the subject display and edit outside the IFrame.

Here’s a very crude example → JSFiddle (anyone can click on the subject at the top to change it)

This uses the “subject” command to change room subject, and subjectChange event to update subjects when someone else has changed the subject.


thank you for quick reply

thank you for your example, but it’s not Good enough as I want, I will try some another way