Is there doc or all Prosody events listed that I can know to hook them in Prosody plugin?

If I want to see all the listed events that prosody offers, where should I check it? I haven’t found all those events.
prosody events here some basic events are listed, but I want all the much events. For example,


How to know these events exist and I can hook them in plugin-module, so is there any doc for all possible prosody events specially muc rooms?

Please help.

I normally look at prosody code
There is a github clone GitHub - bjc/prosody: IMPORTANT: due to a drive failure, as of 13-Mar-2021, the Mercurial repository had to be re-mirrored, which changed every commit SHA. The old SHAs and trees are backed up in the vault branches. Please migrate to the new branches as soon as you can.