Is there any way to manage jitsi-meeting like administrator page?

i have successfully install jitsi-meet on my Ubuntu server. But how can i manage the room or is there any way to manage rooms and user tool like administration webpage?
waiting reply!

There is nothing to “manage”, and there’s no admin webpage.

When someone tries to create a room which doesn’t already exist, it is created, and it is destroyed once the last participant leaves.

If you want to restrict the creation of rooms, you want the “secure domain” configuration:

Thank you so much!

Can I catch the event meeting destroyed and do something in this event? Thank you

If I want to know how many conferences are taking place, how to do it? By API?
Actually, I want a web site to show this, but not found.

@mailbyms see this post.

There are actually many other topics on this site that can help you with this requirement.

Prosody isn’t good enough :grinning:
Jicofo and JVB provide rest API that give all neccessary infomations. We just have to make a web page to show those.

But thanks anyway.

we developed the Jitsi Admin to manage and organize Jitsi Meet Conferences. The Jitsi Admin Web App is Open Source and you can deploy it on your server or use the free version on

With Jitsi Admin, you can secure your Jitsi Meet Server with JWT and can invite your participants via emails. They can join over a separate and customized join page.
When you setup Jitsi Meet and Jitsi Admin with JWT, you can manage your Jitsi Organizers and only these people can create rooms with your server.

What other features do you offer in this? other than secure login and conference scheduling?