Is there any event when participant left the meeting to reload the page again

I need to reload the page when any participant leaves the meeting
need to reload page only for that user who left the meeting

You may enable the close page and put reload codes into the close page (IIRC it should be /usr/share/jitsi-meet/static/close2.html)

but i’m using JitsiAPi for that

Do you mean iframe API?


participantLeft event

i checked this but these events working for host not for participants

like if any participant left the meeting then the event will trigger on the host side not the participant side

Right, maybe participantRoleChanged event works. It should be none when they leave but I have no time to test it for now.

let me try this

Does readyToClose event work for your use case? Events | Jitsi Meet

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I’m using Iframe API can we make a custom click event when the user clicks on the leave meeting button?

You can. using buttonsWithNotifyClick.

You can see an example here which implements custom logic for leave and end meeting - Questions regarding the new LocalRecording feature - #21 by shawn

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