Is there an option in jitsi meet to make attendee join waiting room

is there an option in jitsi meet to make attendee join waiting room

It is called a Lobby. Any moderator in the meeting can enable lobby and everyone that tries to join will land there and wait for approval to join. If the room has a password set anyone that knows the password can bypass the lobby and join directly.

what is the variable of lobby to be set in react sdk ? and where we should pass it ?

can i set lobby true or false by react sdk or i must edit in prosody ?

Once the moderator is in the meeting can use the UI to enable it:

i mean before meeting start ,when i call this api : const api = new JitsiMeetExternalAPI(domain, options);
i want atendee who join , to join lobby until moderator join .
so can i start the meeting in lobby mode by using react sdk ? or i must set up this by prosody

This cannot be controlled by the client, this needs to be implemented at server side.
You can take a look at: prosody-plugins/lobby_autostart at main · jitsi-contrib/prosody-plugins · GitHub
There are more to it cause you need to make sure you have a mechanism for certain participants to bypass lobby and enter the room.

Hii i would like to apply conditions on participants and moderator audio sounds like:

  1. Participant can’t listen other participant. A Participant can only talk with moderator.
  2. moderator can only reply one to one participant.
    How i can do changes ??