Is there a way to toggle the filmstrip Only mode via executeCommand?

I do not really see any difference before and after toggeling api.executeCommand(‘toggleFilmStrip’);
and I’m certain it does not do what I understand it to do or what I need it to do:

Jitsi comes in two modes, a filmstriponly and a big-screen. I have a toggleable jitsi-window-popup function which allows a docked div to be roamed freely around

but when docking the frame in my sidebar, I want it to display the filmstrip only mode, since the window gets a little cluttered with the tiny width:


Is there an executeCommand(‘filmstripOnly’)?.

btw. don’t get confused about the picture of a world, I’m using a virtual cam (thanks homeoffice)

I managed to reload the API on window popout, so a command is not strictly necessary, tho it obviously would be a lot cleaner. Disposing the api and reinstating it on each participant seems kinda hacky, just to switch view modes