Is there a way to record individual video feeds?


I am a podcaster and am looking for Jitsi to host my video interviews. However, I need to know if there’s a way to record individual video streams ie my video, and my guests. I don’t want to have it automatically transitioning.


No there is no such option.
But if you will be controlling the meeting, you can use follow me from settings and by activating it and manually selecting people and changing what you see, all other participants will see the same, including the recorder.


in my case it’s happening that at a time i see only one video thumbnail in the recording.

i am using lib-jitsi-meet.js and have build our UI on top of that.

so, i feel our UI is not getting rendered properly at jibri end?

any special care do i need to take while building our own UI ?

Thanks in advance.

You can also grab each track as a mediastream and save them separately or push the blobs to ffmpeg and merge them.

Any pointers to reference online to achieve grabbing each individual track?