Is there a way to only download specified tracks using lib-jitsi-meet?

Can we use lib-jitsi-meet to hand-pick a subset of the tracks in a conference and only download those specific ones from the server? Or does every endpoint automatically get sent tracks for the entire conference, up to last-n? The documentation is a little unclear to that end.

I’m working on a use case that will involve a large conference of small, dynamically reconfiguring pods of endpoints. It will be very rare that the entire conference’s AV tracks need to be sent to a given endpoint. Instead, the endpoints should only need to deal with the tracks of their podmates, as well as have the ability to smoothly mix in and out the tracks of arbitrary endpoints as they dynamically move from pod to pod. That functionality would be controlled via a separate server that puppets the app that’s built with lib-jitsi-meet. I would like to use this quirk to save server bandwidth, if possible.

Currently the audio tracks routed are the loudest 3.

chrome is not rendering more than that, if I remember correctly, even if you try playing more.

There is no mixing, its the browser playing simultaneously.

Ups, actually by default everything is forwarded

Well the mixing can be handled by whatever browser element I stick each remote audio and video track in, so that’s not really an issue. I guess a more concise way to ask my question is: Are the A/V tracks pushed from the server all at once or, pulled by the clients selectively? Can a client say “Hey, don’t send me all of those, I only want these specific two tracks out of the 50 total in the conference”? And then can the client subsequently change which ones it wants?

Nope, everything is signaled by jicofo to the clients and there is no way to do it selectively without changes.