Is there a way to invite people as "spectators" (only to see the meeting)?

I want to make some meeting with 2 other people, but I want to get a broader audience of people who can see the meeting and even chat with us (the 3 hosts).
Is it possible to do that? how?

You can. The best experience is to keep the main audience to 20-30 people and if you need million of watchers just live stream and send them the youtube link.

Thanks damencho!

But that main audience of 20-30 people can speak or show their cams?
I want them to be able to watch, and even to chat, but they shouldn’t be able to speak nor show the cams.
Is there a way to prevent them to do that?

You cannot force them to. You can enable so people start audio and video muted.

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Hi, in the public version of jitsi I saw this facility.
Probably in the Latest Nightlies release this feature is available?

Mute everyone…I saw in installed package there is not this feature is correct?

You need latest package from unstable repo.