Is there a way to force select dominant speaker from the participants list?

Hi, Folks!

I’m trying to create a room with one presenter and multiple participants as listeners.

But when each new participant is joining in, dominant speaker for the participant is being chosen randomly as I can see.

Is there a way to force particular participant to be dominant speaker for all the rest of participants?

Which file should I modify to to make it work that way? Or maybe there is a function for that?

Thank you in advance!

You can join the participant audio muted as they are listeners, and then the dominant speaker will not change.

Thank you @damencho but it’s not an option.

I guess word “listeners” was not correct, sorry. They are more like pupils. It could be even kids so we need them unmuted at start as they haven’t be able to control anything there.

Is it possible at least make a moderator the dominant speaker by default?

You can enable ‘Evryone follows me’ fomr settings and click on your local video this is called ‘pinning it’ (a blue border will be shown) everyone will switch to that participant.

Thank you @damencho! That’s close enough for the goal I want to achieve.

Btw, that would be great to have option to follow the moderator by default was available somewhere in config file.

speaker identified by POWER method; © dominant speaker selected by the method , in addition, it enables the conferences to focus their attention on the most active participant. This is a more secure way of transformatting information. An active participant list keeps track of M most active speakers.