Is there a way to control the traffic from one network area to another area?

I installed jitsi-meet in a network area, and some participants from another network area can access the jitisi-meet web, but wre not allowed to send/receive video stream directly to the JVB. they were only allowd to send/receive video through a proxy server in that network area, is there a way to config jitsi-meet to support it?

You would need to configure TURN.

Thanks for your quick anser, I will try it.

I followed the web page to configure cotrun, and I refered serveral web pages that I found from the internet, but, these pages are both not for docker installation.
I tried several hours to port these method to docker installation, but failed.
Is there a way to configure JVB work with coturn server for docker installation?

After more test, I found that
when there are only two participants, it works fine
When there are more than two participants, all the participants can only see the video of
Seems that my coturn server is for peer connection of two participants. Maybe I need to know how to configure coturn as bridge of the traffics between JVB and the participants.
Hope there are some experts glad to help me.
Thanks a lot for your help.

Seems like your jvb is not reporting its public address, or there is a firewall blocking udp 10000 port, or that port in not forwarded to the jvb. Even if you are using only coturn, the above rules need to be true for the communication from coturn to jvb.

Thanks for your reply.
Yes,there is a firewall blocking up udp 10000 port, but the computer of coturn server is allowed to access the upd 10000 port of jvb.
The coturn server and the JVB are in same local area, the participants are in public network.
The JVB and all other jitsi-meet components are installed on the same server of docker installation.

Can coturn reach jvb using its public address on port 10000?

Thanks for your reply.
Maybe some information that I presented is not exact, I think I need to do more test.
I am sorry and I will reply when I have gotten more test result.

My configuration is:
meeting server(ubuntu 20.04), udp 10000 is blocked
coturn server(ubuntu 18.04), same local network with meeting server, and its public ip and private ip were added into the white list

I followed bellow steps to test
1)Use wireshark to catch the network traffic on coturn server
2)Reboot jitsi-meet server
3)After the reboot had been done, access meeting from the chrome
4) When there were two participants, the meeting was ok, but through wireshare, I found the traffic was peer to peer
5) When there were over 3 participants, the participants were only able to see their own video
6) Through the wireshark, I found there was not any network package from the meeting server to coturn server

my prosody configuration:

external_service_secret = “BBjrQTRaMAywNTW5”;
external_services = {
{ type = “stun”, host = “”, port = 3478 },
{ type = “turn”, host = “”, port = 3478, transport = “tcp”, secret = true, ttl = 86400, algorithm = “turn” },
{ type = “turns”, host = “”, port = 3478, transport = “tcp”, secret = true, ttl = 86400, algorithm = “turn” }

my jvb configuration:

my jitsi-meet configuration:
p2p: {
enabled: true,
stunServers: [

        // { urls: '' },
        { urls: '' }

useStunTurn: true, // Using Turn Server with JVB

I would like to close this topic, because I found it worked fine now.
Although I don’t konw how does it works now, but I am glad for it.
Thanks a lot!