Is there a way to clear local storage cache Jitsi-meet set?

Is there an easy way to clear localStorage cache from user’s browser which is related to the jitsi-meet app domain? There is a setting which cannot be unset so I want to manually unset that for those troubled users.

I am using iframe api, could not find anything that allow reset

If you don’t mind a manual solution, then you should be able to just delete the entry using dev tools (press delete after selecting an entry, or using context menu). Same if you’re using IFrame, just select the correct domain.

Will probably be safer to delete on logout or index page rather than while in a meeting since it is possible the app might reapply from memory when attempting to update.

You can delete just the problematic entry:
Screenshot 2022-01-17 at 09.29.57

Or delete everything for the domain.
Screenshot 2022-01-17 at 09.43.26

By manual, I mean to trigger what you described for the users.
For myself and if you can reach to the user, your way will work if I just tell them how.
I am thinking to hack add this liner localStorage.delete(“xxx”) in the jitsi-meet app but …I wish there is a better way

Rather than hacking that line into the app itself, personally I would create a different page which will handle the localstorage update/delete. You can then ask users to go to that page manually each time they need a reset.

Of course that page will need to be hosted on the same domain used by Jitsi Meet to be able to access localStorage. Easier if you’re self hosting Jitsi, trickier if you’re using

If the latter, you can workaround that issue by passing useHostPageLocalStorage: true option in IFrame API call – this instructs Jitsi Meet to use localStorage on the domain hosting the parent IFrame rather than the domain of the Meet server.

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the propierty useHostPageLocalStorage does not work, I need to clear localStorage every time a call finishes.

but even if I set useHostPageLocalStorage to true, jitsi is still taking localstorage from iFrame Jitsi

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What do you mean by “useHostPageLocalStorage does not work”? The point of the options is not to clear localStorage but to store things on the domain that’s hosting the IFrame rather than the domain of the jitsi server.

If you elaborate further on what you are trying to achieve and what issue you are trying to solve, perhaps some might be able to help.

My problem is that when you took a call and another person is gonna take a call in the same browser

Jitsi is showing the displayName of the last call that is saved in localstorage.

thats why I want to clear localstorage of jitsi

That has nothing to do with useHostPageLocalStorage.

If you are sharing a browser and don’t want your data stored, you should use an incognito tab to load the site. This applies to any site and is not specific to Jitsi.

Can I use that if Im using IFrame API?

yes, I could


thanks :3

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