Is there a way to always display all the participants videos in side-by-side display

When multiple people participate the meeting, if there own network is not very good, in the side-by-side display mode, the video of other participants might be hidden. Is this the optimize stream logic of jvb? If yes, is there a configuration to disable the optimization?

That is automatic, if there is not enough bandwidth to receive all participant’s video, cuts will be made.

Thanks for your quick reply, tow more questions, 1)Are cuts made by the JVB or by the client side? 2)Is there a configuration item to disable the automatic cuts?

The estimation of bandwidth and cuts are made by the bridge based on bandwidth probing done by the client.

Thanks a lot for your reply, it very helpful for my.

I tested after disabled the bwe on jvb, seemed that the chrome worked fine, but the APP on mobile phones still cut the videos. Is there any specials on APP?