Is there a way to add a Pricing Plan

Is there a way to add a Pricing Plan into Jitsi Meet like a Free and Pro Plan? With Free Plan to be up to 5 users and Pro up to 50?

You have to make your own Jitsi Servers & own website for plans.
You can control number of users with

so for 2 different plans you direct users to different jitsi servers.
Other way to control is to use jwt token ( if you want only one Jitsi Server) and control number of users from your own app ( using jwt login)

Would you know how to do that?

Because the main thing is I don’t want to use people’s info meaning by no accounts.

Let me know :slight_smile:

Then you just set 2 different servers, and control number of participants with muc_max_occupants as per link shared above.

But how will they connect?