Is there a recommended setup for client development?

In a recent thread there is the issue that Redux Dev Tolls don’t work with jitsi redux dev tools not working.
I already asked me multiple times if there is a recommended setup for client dev / what the core developers are using?

I’m coming from a typescript background and I have to say I have a really hard time with Flow.
I use VSCode with the Flow extension, but many times there is no or very basic type information available.
For example:

I was wondering if this is the best I can get or if I have to configure my IDE in some other way.
Breakpoints with webpack dev server mostly work for me, but you have to watch out that the connection don’t get closed when you are debugging too long.

We are migrating away from Flow, so things are a bit in flux at the moment I’m afraid.

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In which direction are you migrating to?
Which IDE setup do you use?

I’m also not that happy with the search in vscode, so I’m open for alternatives :slight_smile:

We are migrating to TypeScript. I’m personally using VSCode, but alas intellisense is totally confused by the mess Flow is.