Is there a recommended default configuration?

3 tabs in a meeting, so you can test yourself.

This is your problem ^

Thank you for this diagnosis.
You were right. I went back to …/videobridge/ and found it commented out (

on a new restart, from the attached jvb.log
1- line 17 looks ok
2- line 18 has a part “face=/ mask=/”
what is the meaning of “mask”? Is that supposed to be the local address mask?
is it supposed to be the public IP address?
3- line 19 seems promising with “stunDiscoveryFailed=false”

Attached is a piece of the jvb.log.
jvb.log (366.1 KB)

Oh, that is clever. Should have thought of that. The three-tab test works. Now I’ll have to chase down some users outside my local network.

[quote=“damencho, post:19, topic:99243”]
You have some firewall rule that blocks the udp traffic from jvb to that address on port 443 and jvb fails to discover its public address and is not announcing it and clients media cannot reach it.

Port 443 was already enabled. I also noticed from that log that log line 17 was also using port 55942. I added it to the firewall (ufw).