Is there a possibility to advertize the server load on the basis of the last month?

When scheduling a meeting on a Jitsi-meet server, it would be nice if I could see how much capacity would be available if the meeting would be held rightaway.

Of course such a figure should be given for typical scenarios: a small meeting with less than 5 participants each enabling a camera, a meeting with 10 participants (possibly restricted to half of them enabling their camera), a meeting with 20 restricting 10 of them using a camera or some other reasonable measure.

I order to plan a Jitsi-meet session, it also would be beneficial to have a plot of the load on the envisaged server over time (e.g. on a hourly basis), averaged over the past four weeks, organized by weekday, supposing that the usage of the server is similar per weekday and hours. The time and weekday of “now” should be indicated on this plot (probably there will be a step there if the plot overwrites previous load data, i.e. load data older than four weeks).

The load display should be shown when one schedules a meeting, i.e. sets a password for a “meeting room” so that the moderator can decide, whether the meeting could run smoothly if the load would be similar to the past at the envisaged time.

There is a message (in the config file) you can configure to display at the top of each meeting, for example :

noticeMessage: ‘Server will be down for maintenance at 23h00 EST today.’,

Perhaps if you look where this string is used in the source code you could modify the code to display something coming from another data source fed with the information you describe.