Is there a dummy guide for anyone who want start developing, use jitsi apis? Any advice will be welcome

Hello everyone, i made this topic “uncategorized” because i have really no idea where ask these questions:

In general, i can manage servers, linux, jitsi/jibri but i literally have 0 skills in developing.
Every chance i need to improve my environment i ask for friends help, stufs like:

-edit this script who sends the recorder initiator a message. Jibri Tip: send the recording folder name or a download link to the initiator
This is easy, copy and paste in body.html, it works! but…
i would like to understand how to improve this kind of code and use other functions like these available here: Functions | Jitsi Meet

Things i would like to do (myself):
-Send email to the initiator of the jibri record only with instructions to download/other stufs.
-Send email to the room creator only
-Send email to every authenticated user in the room
-Create/write in a file/database all the rooms created by the user, and make a “download jibri page” where the authenticated user can check all their recorded videos

I have a lot of ideas who are “easy” to be done for a lot of peopple here, but it is a big challenge to me when i try to work some ideas like those i told.

I was looking IFrame API | Jitsi Meet page and trying to understand how i could use some of those functions (maybe in body.html or jibri finalize script, or anywhere else). I just want to know HOW TO START.

Yes, i need a dummy guide do become a developer. Any specific instructions? Ideas? Please share it here :smiley:

You can start here:

This is a good start but not for someone like me.

Im not a developer. By start i do really mean a start! :smiley: