Is there a DESKTOP app equivalent to the Jitsi Android app?

I downloaded Jitsi Desktop expecting it to be a nice little windows desktop software similar in functionality to the Jitsi Android app but it seems its something much different. So is there anything for Desktop similar to the Android app so we don’t have to use a web browser? (I hate browsers, don’t love JavaScript in react native all that much either, would be nice to see everything go with Flutter.)

If you are asking about the jitsi-meet project, check it is a desktop app, but it runs Electron, which is a browser by itself.

Hi Damian,
Thanks again for reply, I “confess” I’ve seen some pretty neat electron interfaces! I may give it a try even though like you said it basically bundles a browser : (
How “feasible” would it be to create a flutter client or (in other words if I hired someone to do that, would it be a ‘huge’ effort requiring a large team or not?)
I generally prefer C/C++ for cross-platform but Flutter/Dart is looking pretty good.

Hmm this seems interesting:

Perhaps would be a start…I’d still appreciate your opinion when you get a chance on effort required to port android version of app to flutter.

That will be enormous effort in my opinion … We were trying to merge the code bases and use the same code for web and mobile. We made it and we still have stuff missing on mobile and available on web so developing for all OS with same code is one key factor and we managed to do it with this combination rect + react-native + electron. So knowing where we started and how many human years are invested in current code I don’t think starting from scratch with whatever is a doable project :slight_smile:

Hi Damian,
Thanks for the info on that, I had a feeling that might be the case when I realized how many different modules/libraries were in play to make it all work together. I’ll give that electron version a try and see how it works compared to a browser that might have other tabs open as well.

Tried Electron, not bad, even has extra feature of Mute everyone, I guess its newer jitsi-meet code than got installed with apt-get install on my Ubuntu 17.04.

Would you be willing to add “Basic Auth” support to the Electron and Android version?
I’m guessing I should be able to hack it in, but would rather not fork everything just for that.

I usually am very weary about running code+sql type security and prefer Basic Auth for my installations where there’s no time to monitor them much, over time the other security methods tend to be compromised a lot more while Basic Auth has kept out the riffraff pretty well…

A PR is welcome. That feature is not on our roadmap and there is no chance anyone to work on something similar as we are a currently overwhelmed with high prio tasks.

Hi Damian,

Well if you would be willing to at least accept the PR for such a change that’s good enough, it would suck to have to re-apply patches for the feature on every new jitsi version. I will look into it, I’m also busy working on some other higher priorities, so you’re right, there’s never enough time for everything. Hopefully I’ll have a PR ready in the near future though, been using browsers for now.

I do have a question about best way to UPDATE/UPGRADE jitsi to latest stable version on server or to master/git, I’ve posted it here and would appreciate a link if there’s a doc for that somewhere.