Is the jwt token prosody plugin for server side?

Hello, I am developing an Android application and I want to secure the conference calls with jwt tokens. As I understand, I can do this. Android SDK has the option of setToken(). However I found this link:
It talks about jwt token prosody plugin. To be honest, I have no experience with prosody or this kind of thing. Thus, I could not understand what this link talks about. Should I apply this to my Android application or is this for server side?

And whatever the answer is, how will I continue? What should my steps be?

Please, I would be very happy if you could answer. Thank you.

server side…

Try to install the jitsi-meet-tokens package on the server

Where should I install it? Like I have many directories like base, base-java, web, prosody etc.

This is a deb package, using the apt-get install command…