Is the a way to fix/lock an array of specific user cameras?

Hi everybody!

I was thinking in a kind of webinar were the main presenter will have the main focus (will be the onlyone sharing audio), and then maybe 4 collaborators, 2 on each side just sharing thier cameras.
The rest of the room will be listening to the main presenter and watching this 5 cameras fixed in the screen.

Is there a way to achieve that?
Don’t know if this is the right section, if not, my apologies and please move it where it belongs.

Maybe this will need custom development.
In this case, is this something that I can request in the paid work section? Or maybe it’s a too crazy idea to get it real.

Thanks in advance!

Only presenters participate the Jitsi session and the session is published via YouTube. The others watch the live stream from YouTube.

Hi @emrah,

Thanks for the prompt response!

I never tried streaming by Youtube, but I forgot to mention here that all the participants are under JWT authentication (guests and presenter), so the meeting won’t be public, just people with the right token is able to join the meeting and watch the content. How can I handle this on Youtube?

On the other hand at the end of my “mental roadmap” or the ultimate goal here is to have a big conference room, where the people is watching the presentation but if a group of participants wants to have like a private moment to discuss something, they need to be able to create like a lobby room. I know that this may sound like I’m crazy, but ideally, this lobby rooms should have the presenter at a lower volume to allow a private talk with video, but without losing the feeling that you’re at a conference.
After spending a couple of months reading posts and documentation here (I’m a rusty software developer) I know that this is possible, but not sure the amount of custom code it will need.

In other words, the final goal is to emulate the feeling/experience of being in a large event.

Hi @ w1L,

It’s needed Jibri to stream to Youtube but it works as a public stream. I don’t know it’s possible to cast a private live stream on Youtube.

The participants can open another room for their group as a second browser tab while watching the main presentation.

But AFAIK it’s not possible to control the main room according to your needs. For example you can not force a participant to stay muted

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I was doing some tests and didn’t find a way to keep guests muted.
This is a huge bump in my plans.
Is there a plugin or something?