Is the a way to acitvate the follow-me function in the Android app

I have successfully installed jitsi and jibri and everything is running fine.

My only problem is that I do not find a way to activate the follow-up function when I open or join a meeting using the Android app. Is there a way to do this, e.g. by editing a config file?

I need this because during a recording only the view of the presenter should be recorded and the presenter uses an Android smartphone. If there is another way to achieve this I would be glad to get a corresponding advice.

Follow-me does not mean other people always see you!
Follow-me means other people see the same thing as on your screen.

So if you switch to tiles, all people switch to tiles. If you zoom in on one person, all other people zoom in on that person.
So the solution to your question is, just add another moderator with a computer to the conference and have them activate ‘follow me’ and put the presenter on screen.

Thanks for the quick response.
How can I make another participant a moderator?

BTW I have configured my installation as secure domain requesting a password to create a conference room.

After having created the conference room the other participants can join without password. How can I then make one of them a moderator?

I just learned that all participants will use mobile phones or tablets. That means there is no one joining with a computer which could activate the “follow me” option.

Thus I come back to my first question: Is there any possibility to activate the “follow me” option on an Android phone?

This would be really important for me so any help would be really appreciated.

Sorry for not replying earlier, somehow I was not notified of your replies.
I hope someone else has an answer for you, but I don’t think this is possible.